This is a very personal matter, but I feel like if I don’t speak out I might lose my mind. My elder sister was beaten and stabbed on Tuesday March 19th, by her partner of five years. The woman was arrested and let out on bail within hours of the attack happening. She has yet to be to court, and is walking free. Meanwhile, she is now turning everyone against my sister. Saying my sister started it, saying she asked for it, or that she’s lying, etc. It’s easy to believe the lies, it’s easy to blame the victims, because it’s too difficult to believe that someone you know, a friend, could ever be that violent and abusive type of person. But believing the abuser is the cowards way, the wrong way. Society needs to stop blaming the victims, because no one asks to be beaten. My sister did not deserve to be stabbed. And her children did not ask to be terrorized as they heard their mother being choked in the next room. Victim blaming needs to stop, I will not stand for it, and neither should anyone else.

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    This is so sad. My heart and prayers to you.
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    I agree with this one hundred percent. It’s not their fault. We as a society need to stop making the victims of things...
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  7. rassimlon said: Wow, so sorry to hear that about you sister. And even sorrier that she has had to deal with that kind of reaction from society. :(
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    My heart goes out to your sister and to all the other abused victims out there. NO ONE deserves that kind of treatment.
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