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Yeah my cousins 6 shes spoilt herself. She wants the sims. She cant even read a whole sentence properly. and im not sure she is ok to know what woohoo is :s

My niece is 11 and started playing sims when she was about 8, I just told her that woohooing was how to get a baby sim, seemed to work fine. I think I created a monster though, because now she’s a cc and mod addict, she’s more demanding about that stuff than I am lol.

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I was explaining this to my friend on the phone and one of the kids overheard and yelled across the room, WHY WILL THE SIMS BE NAKED!? I was like, brat, mind ya business! Lmao!

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I was going to do a couple of Smut Sims shoots, but I have a couple of bratty children behind me who like to look over my shoulder while I sim, and well, I don’t think they need to see the positions I put my sims in lol!

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Tahiya gave birth to a little boy, whom my niece named Georgie. He got Cyd’s skin, which meant he needed to be aged up right away. He’s almost a spitting image of his father, but it looks like he might have gotten Tahiya’s eyes.

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Meet Kenzi O’Connell, the daughter of Telarose. I’m in love with her.

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