It’s official, I’m on hiatus.

As of tomorrow, I will be without internet for an extended period of time. So until I get my internet issues sorted out, I will be gone. Hopefully not for too long, but I will be back, I just don’t know exactly when.

So, bye for now :(

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I’m having this weird glitch in my game that I can’t find the cause of, so I come to you, tumblr people, for help. My sims can’t use the mirrors or dressers to ‘change appearance’ or ‘plan outfit’. I don’t know why, it’s been happening since about the time I installed Island Paradise and at first I thought it had something to do with the new mermaid life state, but my mother has IP installed and her’s works fine. Also, my tattoo chair doesn’t work. I’ll send a sim to get a tattoo and they’ll sit down and the artist will start with the tattooing, and the sim will be charged the 150 for it, but they never go into CAS to allow me to put a tattoo on them. I can’t help but think the inability to go into CAS via the mirror and dresser is also tied into the inability to go into CAS for tattoos. Something is obviously wrong, but I don’t know what could be causing it. Any insight from you guys would be amazing!

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So my game’s life span is set to 75 days, I have a sim that’s over 100 days. Bitch just won’t die! She’s about to become a great grandmother.

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Due to a lot of inactivity in the tags these past few weeks, we’d like you to confirm that you still plan to do smutty shoots for us!

Just simply reply to this post or send us a message!

If you’d like to be removed from our models page due to any reason, feel free to message us and let us know that as well.

We need you guys to take pictures because you’re the heart of this whole thing, and without you, there’s no point in smutsims.

Reblog this so your fellow models can see this, and even message your friends to let them now we’re checking activity. Thank you, models!

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